Lagos, Cash Payments Are Arriving Now!

January 14, 2016 / Nigeria

Lagos, you asked and we listened. Choice is a beautiful thing and soon many of you will be able to pay for Uber rides using cash. That’s right – you get all the Uber awesomeness and even more options when it comes to paying for your ride. Simply choose the CASH option, take a ride and pay your driver directly in cash at the end of the trip.

This is an experiment and only the eighth place in the world where cash payment is available across the 364+ cities where Uber is available. We have worked hard to create a seamless option that is truly Uber. The insight and feedback we get from your use is what will make this a successful test. So take rides and share your feedback with us at or Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag


If you do not see the cash option right away, don’t worry. It will roll out gradually over the next few weeks. Not all of you will see cash right away as this is a phased experiment.

The interest in Uber in Lagos has been amazing, and we are excited to experiment with cash payments on our platform. Uber riders in Lagos already have access to a reliable, convenient and safe transportation so paying by cash means even more people can enjoy this.



Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.05.15

1. Open the app and select “SET PICKUP LOCATION”
2. Look towards the bottom of the screen where your card details are displayed and tap on the card
3. In the menu that pops up, select “CASH”. You can always select your preferred method of payment whenever requesting a new trip
4. Request your pickup



  • Cash option is only available for trips in Lagos
  • A valid Uber account is needed to be able to book a ride and pay in cash
  • No bank card details are required when signing up for Uber and paying in cash
  • Not everyone will see the cash option right away as this is a phased roll out
  • Riders may pay their driver with other payment methods, if the driver has functionality for this
  • Your fare will be rounded to the next N100
  • Fare adjustments are not possible for cash rides
  • There is no booking fee or additional charge to riders
  • Cash payments may also be digitised and some drivers may have mobile wallets to accept fare payments

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