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Help us help the people of Benue #UberCOMMUNITY

September 5, 2017 / Nigeria

The recent floods in Makurdi, Benue state has destroyed as many as 3,000 homes, and have left thousands in need of assistance from their city. People have lost their homes and personal belongings so please help us help those in Makurdi by giving back with UberCOMMUNITY!

We’re setting up a temporary vehicle view called UberCOMMUNITY that will allow you to donate much-needed donations for the people of Makurdi, who are currently trying to rebuild their lives.

We’re working with Community Links NG who have noted the need for many items, including; Stationery, Baby, Kids, Adults clothes and shoes, Basic Toiletries, Sanitary pads and nappies (baby to toddler), non perishable foods & water, household items (kitchen, bedding etc) and large carry bags or boxes to pack goods for families.

Driver-partners will be collecting donations on Thursday 7th September and Friday 8th September between 09:00am and 02:00pm.  

Volunteers are extremely busy – so please help them out by labeling and pre-sorting items. For example if you’re donating clothing or shoes, please place these in a box or bag that is labeled ‘clothes and shoes’ and separate them from other donations; this will really help get these to the needy quicker.


  1. Open the App between Thursday 7th September and Friday 8th September, between 9am – 2pm
  2. Riders on the island can request on Thursday 7th September and riders on the mainland can request on Friday 8th September
  3. Select the orange card along the bottom of your app saying “Makurdi Flood Aid”
  4. Tap the card and request a vehicle through the “Makurdi Flood Aid” view
  5. There is no destination needed, the car will come to you
  6. When the driver arrives – please meet him at your pick up point with your donations boxed and labelled
  7. There will be no charge for UberCOMMUNITY


  • The vehicle view is open between 09:00am – 02:00pm
  • Donations cannot be in cash, only items listed above will be accepted
  • All donations must be bagged or boxed in order for drivers to accept your donation.
  • Please may we request you mark clearly what you are donating!
  • Please keep in mind that driver-partners can’t leave vehicles unattended, so we ask that you bring your items out to meet your driver when they arrive.
  • Successful redemption of this offer is subject to the availability of Uber driver-partners.
  • Access to and use of the Uber App will be subject to the standard terms and conditions applicable to all riders who use the platform.
  • Riders will not be able to take any rides in any of the UberCOMMUNITY vehicles