Behind the wheels with Iriase

October 28, 2016 / Nigeria

Our driver-partners have played a pivotal role in ensuring the success and growth of Uber in Nigeria. We like to celebrate them by hearing their incredible stories. In this edition, we went behind the wheel with Iriase who was a pilot and now drives on the Uber platform.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Iriase. I am from Edo state. I am married with three kids. I went to university of Port Harcourt. After this, I moved to Aviation school in South Africa.

Why did you do before Uber?

I trained as a pilot and I have a South African certificate to fly planes (SA commercial pilot licensing) as well as  commercial pilot licensing. I moved back  to Nigeria in 2012 and did a  conversion to Nigerian license. I got a job with a private chartered airline but unfortunately the airline shut down immediately after and i was left unfortunately. Long and short of the story, the airline closed and I lost my job.

How did you hear about Uber?

The frustration from being unemployed pushed me to print  make copies of my CV and  distribute it outside  Four points hotel as they host a lot of business meetings there. . I did this from 7am till about midday but with no luck

On my way home,  I approached a man at Conoil petrol station and  told him I was looking for a job. He asked me if the car I was driving was mine, I said yes. He then mentioned that  he drives on the Uber platform and gave me his invite code to sign up. He was able to put me through everything, I joined the platform and the rest is history.

p partners are very much appreciated. It shows that Uber cares about our loyalty and dedication to the platform.

What’s been the best part of your experience driving with Uber?

It’s been very revealing! You get to meet different kinds of people. The ability to be tolerant and give satisfaction to your customers is a great feeling. No day on Uber is the same. It’s such a versatile platform! This job has taken me to places I have never been. It has exposed me to Lagos.

What do you like about driving on the Uber platform?

I love driving with Uber because I can work at anytime that suits me. Most importantly, I have been able to provide a better standard of living for my family and pay  my rent. My kids attend a good school and they are really happy.  The beauty of everything is for once I have the opportunity to manage my time and time is something you can never get back.

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