Behind The Wheel: Meet Kehinde

July 19, 2016 / Nigeria

Nigeria, we’re turning two! Throughout these past two years, drivers on the Uber platform have played a pivotal role in ensuring the success and growth of Uber in Nigeria. In the week leading up to our second anniversary, we’d like to celebrate our drivers by hearing their stories.

We’re going behind the wheel with Kehinde, a driver-partner who has been able to achieve his own personal goals faster than he ever expected!

How did you find out about Uber?

I had been unemployed and looking for a job for a long time so when a friend called me about Uber, I immediately googled it. I found out that Uber was an international company and encouraged flexibility which really appealed to me so I signed up for the training process.

The first month of driving was lovely and I was able to take better care of my family. By the second month, I realised the more effort i put into driving on the platform, the more profitable it was so i knew Uber was meant for me!

Why did you join Uber?

Before Uber, I had no previous long term jobs. Since graduation, I have only worked at contract jobs which never lasted more than 6 months so it was a pretty unstable lifestyle. It impacted my family significantly so when I heard about Uber, I was really excited to join for its longevity! I have been driving on the Uber platform for 7 months which is the longest I have ever done in! Whilst the money is a great thing, I also have the opportunity to interact with riders from all types  of backgrounds and learn new things from them daily.

How has driving with Uber affected you?

It has definitely affected me in a positive way. Since I started driving for Uber, I’ve been able to build my own apartment, buy and drive my own car as well as providing for my family in way I was unable to in the past.

What’s been the best part of your experience driving with Uber?

I had many dreams before Uber but I did not think they would ever turn to reality. With Uber, I’ve been able to achieve my own personal dreams and they have come even faster than I ever expected!

I’ve been able to buy and drive my own car, which is a huge milestone for me.  The best dream I could ever think of at my age is living in my own apartment, I must tell you it is a big one!

I wanted to become an Architect when I was younger but unfortunately was unable to.  So being able to purchase land in Lagos which is incredibly hard, design and build my dream apartment really made me feel like an architect! With Uber, i was able to achieve this. 

We would not be where we are without our excellent driver partners, and are thrilled Kehinde is one.  We hope you all have the opportunity to see him on the road soon.

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The Uber Lagos Team