Trending in Malaysia: This year’s movements and meals, according to Uber and Uber Eats

December 12, 2017 / Malaysia

Here are Malaysia’s stats for 2017

You can tell a lot about countries and cities by how they move: Where do people spend their weekends? Which dishes are most ordered and when? We’ve uncovered some interesting trends that have made 2017 yet another year to remember.

Timing is everything. 2:00 pm means a lot of things to different people in Malaysia: rushing back to work after lunch break, or picking the kids up after school — the works. Malaysians took the most trips at this time of the day, suggesting some post-lunch haste to get on with the day.

But Saturday is when things get really hectic, as we found. Malaysians definitely know how to max out their weekends. This year, the most Ubers were taken on the 3rd of October, which also happens to be the peak of the rainy season — coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

14th of March was the least popular day to ride, which also coincided with National Pi Day. the number, not the food.

Meanwhile, Uber Eats data showed how Malaysians take their food seriously. The most ordered dish on Uber Eats was Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng while the biggest date for food delivery orders was the 21st of September, the day of the UberEATS launch! Everyone was sure excited.

Wanderlust runs through a Malaysian’s veins, with Uber being used in 588 cities in 80 countries. Popular countries to visit among Malaysian Uber users include our neighbours Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, plus USA and Australia coming out tops as the most popular holiday destination this year.

Adding to the backseat action, two babies were born in an Uber here in Malaysia this year. They’re Uber’s youngest passengers in Malaysia this year!

Want to know more about how you moved in 2017? Take a look back at your own #YearWithUber here.

Malaysia’s Year with Uber 2017

Most popular weekday


Most popular time

2:00 pm

Most popular date for Uber in 2017

3rd October

Least popular date for Uber in 2017

14th March

Top 5 travel destinations

Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Australia

Most popular date for Uber Eats orders in 2017

21st September

Most popular dish

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng