Celebrating a New Year with Uber!

January 2, 2018 / Malaysia

Happy New Year, Malaysia!

From Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, riders across the country celebrated with Uber. Check out these fun facts about how riders used Uber this New Year’s Eve.

  • Across Malaysia, riders in Penang started their night the earliest, and Kuala Lumpur in kept the party going the longest!
  • When the clock struck midnight, over 1,700 riders were in an Uber.
  • One stop just isn’t enough. The most rides one person took throughout the night was 8.
  • Some people started and ended the party with friends. Over 1,400 riders used the Multiple Stops and/or Split Fare features when heading to and from their celebrations!
  • The most trips by one driver was 45.  
  • Drivers provided great service on New Year’s Eve and received over 5,000 compliments just from this one night!

Thank you to drivers who gave up their night to help people make smart choices and provide a reliable alternative to drinking and driving. Here’s to an amazing 2018!