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An Uber Guide to KL’s Speakeasies

July 15, 2015 / Kuala Lumpur

The long weekend is here, and we have a couple of suggestions on where to go for your nights out.

Revisiting the Prohibition Era

The dark (and dry) days of America’s history saw the flourishing of speakeasies – establishments which were hidden from public view and illegally sold alcoholic beverages to cater to demand. Whilst the need for such hidden establishments is long gone, the term ‘speakeasy’ has returned with a force in our city and has seen a number of exclusive bars pop up around the city, each designed to be reminiscent of 1920’s-30’s America. Staying true to the original nature of Prohibition era speakeasies, these establishments are located in hidden spots throughout the city and here’s our guide to the best ones on offer in our city.

Omakase + Appreciate near Masjid Jamek

Headed by two renowned Malaysian mixologists, Karl Too and Chong Yi Shawn, Omakase + Appreciate is no easy feat to find. Located behind an intimidating ventilated door down a flight of dimly lit steps by the Bangunan Ming Annexe, you’ll find yourself transported to a spot that resembles a quintessential Peranakan hotel room. The space hosts host no more than five tables and the powering, antique shelf that holds copious amounts of alcohol and dominates the entire room hints at Omakase + Appreciate’s sole purpose, that is to serve the finest concoctions to a crowd who wants nothing less.

P&C Cocktail Bar at Sri Hartamas

If you’re looking for a speakeasy that quite literally transports you back to the Prohibition-era of Al Capone, P&C is an intimate refuge that strives to achieve a Gangster’s love for Racketing and Bootlegging. This wooden enclave is tucked behind Desa Sri Hartamas’ Naughty Nuri’s through a door that opens to reveal P&C’s emblem. If you’re struggling to find it (to which we won’t blame you), the Naughty Nuri’s staff will be more than happy to help.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot at Avenue K

For a Londoner’s perspective on a speakeasy, head to the Red Telephone box in Avenue K. The perfect hideout for cigar enthusiasts and whisky connoisseurs, Whisky Tango Foxtrot offers some of the finest cigars in Kuala Lumpur in addition to their plethora of whiskies. Under the murmurs of Miles Davis, you will be given expert advice on the perfect cigar and whisky for you.

Tate at the Intermark

More of a members-only Gentleman’s club the whole Tate experience starts at it’s secretive and peculiar entrance of a glossy white ‘wall’ with a ‘floating’ top hat and a doorway that whispers rather than shouts. The ambiance is muted and the clientele sophisticated. Do not expect a rowdy night out here – this is more of a place for a refined drinks in a crystal cut glass.

Mr Brooks at Bangsar Shopping Centre

Despite Mr Brooks being built into one of Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious shopping centres, it may be just as difficult to locate as Omakase + Appreciate. The entrance to the bar is an Alpine Sunbeam parked in a model garage – look for the toolbox to let you in. It has the secrecy of the 1920s, but stylistically is juxtaposed between the timeless 60s, and the contemporaneous. Apart from lounging, one can enjoy a game of pool, or even sit and watch the bar’s mixologist create unique yet lovely looking cocktails (Look out for Nan’s Carrot Cake and Margarita Thatcher!).

SIX at Telawi 

If you’ve visited them all and are looking for something more accessible and refreshing, head to SIX in Telawi, Bangsar. A likeable new cocktail bar that’s whipping up fun with prices cheaper than its contemporaries. It’s atmosphere and décor is both cosy and chic, easily making it destination for many drinkers in the months ahead. SIX’s main mixologist, Imran who previously honed his craft at establishments like Garibaldi & Ril’s is a reason to visit in itself. His offerings at Six show off his skills, mostly steering clear of cliched cocktails in favour of a native twist, such as his ‘Guinness Tarik’.


Also, until 19 July, we’re offering 2 free rides to/from each of the the venues below, worth up to RM30 each. To find out what these codes are, head on over to the Facebook pages of these and start riding for free.