Holiday Safety Guide: #DitchTheKeys And Be A #ProudRider

December 30, 2017 / Malaysia

The holidays are a time of celebration with loved ones, a time filled with fun, and sometimes a few cocktails and beers.  

We’re all aware of the dangers of drink driving, however, across the Asia Pacific one in 14 of all road accident fatalities can be traced to the consumption of alcohol.1 

Tens of thousands of Uber driver-partners help keep our roads safer during some of the busiest drinking nights of the year. We believe that bringing increased access to safe, reliable and more affordable transport at the touch of a button helps everyone make smarter decisions. And for our driver-partners in Malaysia, making sure that people make responsible choices and get home safe is a very personal quest.

So this year end, take the Uber pledge to #DitchTheKeys and be a #ProudRider. Hop in an Uber instead of driving if you’re planning to drink. Being a #ProudRider also means respectful rides. A reminder to both riders and drivers to please be kind and respectful. As outlined in our community guidelines, we hold everyone who uses Uber to the same high standards so both drivers and riders may enjoy a 5-star ride.

Have a great holiday celebration!