Accelerating across Asia: Meet the Drivers Making it Happen

July 13, 2017 / Malaysia

By Andrew Macdonald
Latin America and Asia Pacific General Manager

What does Uber mean to you? Is it the smartphone app that day in, day out connects you to a ride? Or is it the driver partners and their commitment to getting you around your city, whatever the weather, time of day or where you want to get to.

For me, it’s a bit of both. While we are a tech company, we also have a very human face. More accurately, two million human faces, those of our driver partners around the world.

That makes us pretty unique among Silicon Valley companies.  It also means we have a special responsibility to do our best for the drivers who use the app to earn a livelihood.

Today in Hong Kong we are celebrating the more than 600,000 driver partners across the Asia Pacific region, and the lengths they go to make all of our cities move better.

People like Razman Abdul Rahim, one of Malaysia’s longest-serving Uber driver partners, who loves meeting riders from abroad, especially the many ex-top football stars he has driven. Or Evie Tavipi, an Indonesian single mother who drives to earn extra income for her children while enjoying the flexibility to join them for breakfast in the morning. Or Yang Jun Ren from Taiwan, a former tech engineer who drives during his retirement and enjoys meeting people from around the world.

As we celebrate their service to moving their cities and the app that makes it possible, we also acknowledge that over the last few years we lost sight of the fact that drivers are at the heart of Uber. We are resolved to fixing that by improving the app and the driver experience for everyone, everywhere. Uber is thankful to driver partners for the journey so far – and knows it can’t keep cities and riders moving without them.