Thousands of letters of support hand-delivered to Secretary Rosário by pedicabs

July 6, 2016 / Macau

On Monday, July 4, thousands of letters expressing support for Uber in Macau were delivered by hand to Secretary of Transport and Public Works Raimundo do Rosário by Uber Macau General Manager Trasy Lou Walsh and other supporters of the service. These letters had been written over the past week by local residents and tourists, sharing their support for Uber in Macau and calling on Secretary Rosário to consider reasonable, consumer-friendly regulations that encourage ridesharing in the territory. The letters come from Macau people from all walks of life – the elderly and those with young children, business owners and casinos shift workers, locals and tourists – all in support of creating room for services like Uber to operate in Macau.

Macau residents and tourists call on Secretary to allow ridesharing service to operate, citing benefits

“I want to thank the thousands of you who have taken the time to share your stories of how Uber has made a positive impact in your life. My team works hard every day to address transportation pain points in Macau and ensure that you have an option that you can rely on, wherever you are in the city,” said Walsh. “I know that Secretary Rosário is working hard to address these transportation challenges as well, so I hope he takes the time to read and respond to these letters about the benefits of ridesharing and that this starts a dialogue about how Macau can implement modern ridesharing regulations that puts the interests of the public first.”

“We believe that the path to better transportation in Macau is constructive conversation, rather than attempts to block progress through heavy enforcement and fines based on outdated regulations that don’t apply to ridesharing or internet-based car hailing,” added Walsh.

Uber has an established history of successful cooperation with governments all over the world, and over 80 jurisdictions globally now have ridesharing-specific regulations in place – including ones in the US, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Mexico, and Australia.

Walsh and representatives from the Uber driver-partner community arrived at the Secretary’s office to deliver the letters of support in a pedicab (三輪車). The pedicabs represent how transportation in the city continues to evolve based on transportation innovation and growing needs, with options old and new complementing one another, Walsh noted.

Uber Macau has been in operation since October 2015, and its services have been embraced by Macau residents and visitors thanks to their reliability and convenience, the 5-star service provided by drivers, and the peace of mind offered by Uber’s extensive safety features and insurance coverage, among other aspects. Since its launch, tens of thousands have taken safe, affordable, and convenient rides with the service, with local Macau residents comprising 70% of riders and tourists 30%. Many residents also make a living or earn valuable supplemental income by driving on the platform.