Uber Tour Guides: Beirut Tour

October 3, 2018 / Lebanon

Beirut is an incredible city, where you get to go from beaches to mountains in a 50 min trip!

During your stay in Beirut, you will be hosted by Mehyedine, your very own Uber Tour Guide. You’ll be able to visit the famous Baalbek, the Chouf reserve, our beautiful beaches but most of all you’ll get to eat the most delicious food you’ve ever eaten!


Downtown Beirut

Visit the capital of Beirut, home of the first law school in the world, dating back to the Phoenician Era. The trendy Solidere area of downtown Beirut has been beautifully restored, a home to several Roman ruins sites that have been uncovered and preserved, several notable mosques and churches, and the National Parliament Building.

Chouf Nature Reserve

Visit of El Chouf nature reserve, where you get the chance to see many ancient 3000 year old cedars. Enjoy a pleasant experience as you wander the trails of this biosphere reserve, surrounded by various species of mammals, birds and plants.

Beiteddine Palace

Visit the Beiteddine Palace, built at the beginning of the 19th century, by Emir Bechir Chehab II, on a rocky spur dominating a steep, precipitous valley. A perfect example of classic Lebanese architecture of the time. Then visit a close village, Deir el Qamar, famous for its palaces which display the ancient Lebanese style in architecture.

Jeita Grotto

Visit the Jeita Grotto - The caverns are on two levels: the lower caverns is visited by boat while a dry upper gallery can be seen on foot. Then visit Byblos, the oldest continuously inhabited town built upon multiple layers of ruins then visit Byblos, where you can explore the old souqs (markets) & the medieval ramparts and of course the beautiful sandy beaches.


Visit Baalbeck, Lebanon's greatest Roman treasure, can be counted among the wonders of the ancient world.

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