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Introducing Uber Lite

A new, lighter way to request a ride.

Uber’s mission is to bring you a reliable ride, no matter who you are, or where you are in the world. Doing this means looking outwards to the world, and also inwards, to our own practices to see how we can best meet people’s needs, everywhere. Which is why we are introducing Uber Lite. Designed and developed in India and purely for Android, Uber Lite is a version of the Uber app designed to work on devices with limited data, storage, speed, network and battery.

The best choice for you

Whether you’re a regular user of Uber who might be looking for a way of requesting rides when roaming in a foreign country, or are a new Uber user with a limited data plan, Uber Lite gives you new possibilities for movement. Far from being purely an alternative to Uber, Lite can be seen as a useful addition to the main app.

When to only use Uber Lite

  • You regularly run out of phone storage and need to manage apps on a regular basis even deleting and then downloading them again when you need them
  • Your device frequently struggles to load apps, or crashes mid performance often
  • Your device frequently runs out of data, conserving your data plan is something you are constantly mindful of and you are frequently outside of wifi areas
  • Your device frequently runs out of battery after light to moderate app usage

When to use both Uber and Uber Lite

  • You occasionally find yourself in places with poor network conditions
  • You occasionally need to request a ride with low phone battery
  • You occasionally run out of data, or travel to other countries where data is more expensive and limited
  • You use Uber when in wifi areas, and Uber Lite when using roaming data to conserve your data plan

When to only use Uber

  • You love the user experience of Uber, and rarely or never experience issues with data, connectivity, app performance, or low battery
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