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Shifting expectations

Finding better ways for cities to move, work, and thrive

Stronger Economies
Opportunity for all

A city with Uber welcomes new, flexible earning opportunities for all its residents. More than half of drivers in the US choose to work 10 hours a week or fewer [1]. So parents, students, retirees, or anyone looking for extra income can work whenever they like.

Work where it’s needed

Uber helps revitalize local economies. In London, nearly a third of driver-partners live in areas where unemployment rates are highest [3].

A map depicting unemployment in London
Rate of unemployment
Uber partners' listed addresses
> 10%

Improved Access
Transportation that covers every mile

Not everyone lives close to a bus or train stop. And there are some parts of cities where taxis don’t go. Uber provides safe, affordable rides around the clock—regardless of where you live, where you’re going, or what you look like.

Safer Roads
Helping to curb drunk driving

Our rush hour starts just after last call at bars. Since uberX arrived in California in July 2012, there has been an estimated 6.5% decrease in drunk-driving crashes per month [6]. And DUI arrests have dropped 10% in Seattle [7]. When you can get a ride at the tap of a button, it’s easy to leave the keys at home and make the responsible decision at the end of the night.

The right choice at the right time
Alcohol-related crash fatalities in Texas [8]
Requested Uber rides
“Thank you to the Uber driver-partners who are ensuring that riders have access to a reliable ride and for helping keep our streets safe.”
Colleen Sheehey-ChurchNational President, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Sharing the way to sustainable cities

By matching people headed in the same direction, uberPOOL turns what would normally be multiple rides into one. In Los Angeles and Chengdu, two of our busiest cities, more than a quarter of trips are uberPOOL trips [9].

Making a world of difference

In just one month, uberPOOL riders in San Francisco saved 674,000 miles—or about 27 trips around the world. Fewer miles driven means less fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions [10].