Who let the dogs out? Tips for when you ride Uber with your dog

July 31, 2018 / Kenya

Travelling with a dog means you need to do a little extra preparation, but it doesn’t have to mean a ruff ride (sorry) for you or your driver. We’ve put together a list of top tips for anyone travelling with a furry friend in tow.

Let the Driver Know Ahead of Time

It’s good practice to contact your driver and let them know you’ll be travelling with an animal. And be specific: it’s not enough to say, “I’m travelling with Spot.” After all, humans can have strange names, too. Be sure to let them know the size and breed of the animal you’re travelling with. Service animals are always allowed to travel with their companions, but taking non-service animals is up to the discretion of individual drivers.

Travel Together

It’s amazing what people can train their dogs to do these days, but trust us – riding alone is not one of them. They can’t make small talk, they’re terrible with the aux cord and they just want to hang their heads out the window the entire time. Even if you’re dropping your dog off with a trusted family member or friend, you’re responsible for them as the owner and should travel with them from A to B.

BYO Blanket

And anything else you think you might need during the journey, for that matter. Your driver might have a spare blanket in the back, but it’s always best to come prepared, and they almost certainly won’t have a pet carrier to hand. Make sure you’ve got a leash for getting your furry friend in and out of the car safely, and it’s a good idea to take something to clean up any stray hairs with, too.

Dogs Means Dogs

We’re sure your exotic snake is a sweetheart, but they make people nervous. Make sure you only travel with animals that are categorised as domestic pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits and fish. It also helps to give your driver some information about your animal ahead of time, such as the size and breed, so they can make sure there’s adequate room in the car. If you have a large dog, for instance, you may want to request a bigger ride so you’re both comfortable.

Follow our advice and your Uber ride will be a walk in the park. Wait – don’t say that out loud!