Driver Announcements

Technology that helps prevent drowsy driving

June 25, 2018 / Kenya

Whether you’re behind the wheel or in the back seat, drowsy driving is an issue for all who share the road. We’re committed to playing our part in preventing drowsy driving, this is why we’re taking a step forward by launching a feature across the country that prompts drivers to go offline for six straight hours – after a total of 12 hours of driving time.

This move will strengthen our approach to help keep riders and drivers safe on the road, while still maintaining the flexibility of driving with Uber, which is what drivers love. Here’s how it works:

  • This feature will count the number of hours you spend driving, which makes it easier for drivers to keep tabs on how long they’ve spent driving with Uber.
  • Drivers will receive periodic notifications when approaching the 12-hour driving time limit, and will automatically go offline for six straight hours when the maximum time has been reached.
  • After the six hours, driving time resets and drivers can go back online and start receiving trip requests.

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous, but many don’t know the risks or warning signs of drowsy driving. Our Community Guidelines make clear that it’s important to take a break when feeling tired while on the road. We’ve also introduced key features, such as in-app notifications which remind drivers of this.

We want to promote the safe and responsible use of the Uber app, and are constantly looking for new ways to improve our technology in order to do this. We all have a part to play in safety on the road, and we encourage you to read our safety tips for more information.

Together, we move Kenya forward.