Snap custom filters on your next Uber ride

May 25, 2017 / Kenya

Last November, we announced our new rider app reimagined around a simple question – “Where to?”. We start with your destination so that we can get you there as fast as possible, and with a tailored journey. We also realize that you’re doing more than just going somewhere – you’re often going somewhere to meet someone. This is part of the reason that we’re rolling out an integration with Snapchat in Kenya!

You can now unlock custom Snapchat filters and snap while you ride –  gone are the days of toggling between apps. Simply tap, ride and snap!

Let your friends know when you’ll be arriving at your destination with our unique ETA filters or simply show off your selfie skills with our quirky ride filters. The best part? You’ll be sharing your favourite Uber memories with your social crew!

Here’s how it works:

  • Open your Uber app as normal and request a ride.
  • While on your ride, you should see a Snap card in your Uber feed.
  • Select the filter you want to unlock, take your selfie and swipe right.
  • Try using the Uber filters with another Snap lens for double the fun!
  • You need to be an existing Snapchat user to unlock the unique Uber filters.


Starting today, the Snapchat integration will be able to riders on both Android and iOS in Nairobi and Mombasa.