Introducing 24/7 phone support for riders and drivers

December 10, 2018 / Kenya

The support you asked for is here. We’re excited to announce the launch of 24/7 phone support for drivers and riders across Kenya! You will now have a dedicated phone support line if you need need to retrieve a lost item or need to query a trip.

To call the support line, all you have to do is tap ‘Help’ in the main menu of the Uber app and select the ‘Call’ option. No extra calls to make, no phone numbers to look up. It’s that easy. Prefer to chat via text for support? No worries – you’ll still be able to contact our team through the ‘Help’ section of the app, with the added  option to give us a toll-free call!

How to access customer support line:

  • Open the Uber app
  • Select the menu button (top left-hand corner)
  • Tap ‘Help’
  • Select ‘Call Support’ – this will be its own menu option
  • You’ll then be connected to the support team
  • Can’t access the Uber app? If you’re a driver looking to get in touch, please dial 0800-724-786. Riders can access the support line by dialling 0800-724-787. It’s that easy!

In an emergency, we suggest that you still call 10111 or use the in-app emergency button which connects you to Uber’s third-party security providers.

The Fine Print

  • The 24/7 phone line is for both riders and drivers – it does not support Uber Eats at this time.
  • The phone support line is toll-free and you will not be charged for this.
  • Phone support is only available to users who have a taken a trip in the last 28 days.
  • This feature is currently available in Kenya.