As cities reopen and people start moving again, we’re raising the bar on safety and continue to expand our initiatives as well as SOPs and innovate new products to help protect everyone, every time you take an Uber.

As a part of these ongoing efforts in the `new normal’, we’re installing safety screens or safety ‘cockpits’ in 20,000 Premier sedans. The cost of installation is borne by Uber, and comes free of cost to the driver partners. Additionally, these safety cockpits are being scaled up across other product categories immediately.

We introduced safety cockpits in India by first installing them in UberMedic cars to  transport frontline healthcare workers. Today, we have already fitted these cockpits in 8,000 cars. 

The safety cockpit is an innovative and protective ceiling-to-floor transparent plastic screen installed between the passenger and the driver. This enables social distancing even within the confines of a car. Additionally, it acts as a safeguard to prevent droplet and aerosol transmission. 

Since the resumption of our services across 70 South Asian cities, we are sourcing and distributing cleaning supplies and protective equipment to all active driver partners on our platform. Uber teams have also been doubling down to source, purchase, and distribute a significant supply of masks, hand sanitizers, and medical grade vehicle disinfectants to driver partners across all product categories. 

Globally, we have purchased safety supplies worth $50 million. Complementing these initiatives, we have sourced more than 3 million face masks, 1.2 million shower caps for Moto riders, 200,000 bottles of disinfectants, and 200,000 bottles of sanitizers for free distribution to all our driver partners in India.

In addition to the distribution of safety supplies, we have recently launched a comprehensive set of safety measures, such as the Go Online Checklist and a mandatory mask policy for both riders and drivers, pre-trip mask verification selfies for drivers, mandatory driver education around Covid-19 related safety protocols, and an updated cancellation policy where both riders and drivers can cancel trips if they don’t feel safe. 

As we move into a new normal, we’re encouraging a sense of shared responsibility: Uber, riders, and drivers – we all have a role to play in keeping ourselves #SaferForEachOther.