Helping drivers get vaccinated against COVID is the right thing to do: for the drivers themselves and the safety of everyone on the Uber platform and community in which we operate.  

In April 2021, we began a campaign to support vaccinations by compensating drivers for the time spent in getting the shots. As of September 16, 2021, more than 250,000 drivers on our platform have received at least one COVID vaccine shot.

The campaign continues, and every day that number is increasing. We’ve invested in driver education to encourage more drivers to get their vaccine shots at the earliest. In addition, we continue to urge drivers who are eligible for their second shot to get them and compensate them accordingly.

To accelerate the pace of driver vaccinations, we have simplified and shortened our tech-enabled verification process. We have ensured speedy payments to vaccinated drivers and invested in driver education to remove vaccine hesitancy. 

Beyond vaccinations, we drive a tech-enabled ‘no mask, no ride’ policy for riders and drivers, encourage regular vehicle sanitization and use a Go-Online Safety Checklist to help keep the community safe and speed up India’s recovery from the virus. 

We will continue to do our part to support and strengthen India’s response to COVID by encouraging both drivers and riders to get vaccinated and provide safe, reliable, and affordable rides at the click of a button.