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Purchase a car

Exclusive rates and discounts

We have partnered with major car dealerships and financiers to get great discounts and low interest rates only for Uber partners.

Exclusive rates

You can get up to 90% financing on a new car. You can also bring an co-applicant or guarantor if your credit history requires it.

Your car, your time

Use your vehicle for personal use and family errands as well as for your business with Uber. Enjoy the economic freedom of owning a vehicle.

Quick turnaround

Depending on the vehicle you select, you could be driving it in a matter of days. Head to your local Greenlight Hub to meet with dealers and financiers.

Get started

How to finance a car with Uber


Meet the dealer and financier

Bring your bank statements, income tax returns, ID proof and address proof. Choose a vehicle and scheme that works best for you, and get a booking slip from the dealer.


Obtain a comfort letter

Once you present the booking slip at your local Greenlight Hub, you will get a comfort letter which confirms that you are affiliated as an Uber partner.


Sign the contract

Give a copy of the comfort letter to the dealer and financier. Then, sign the contract and pay the deposit. Now you're ready to drive the vehicle on the Uber platform!

More information

Comfort Letter

The comfort letter is a document issued to you by Uber confirming that you are associated as a driver or partner. The comfort letter is free, and it will give you access to schemes extended exclusively to Uber. You will be required to present you PAN Card and booking slip to get a comfort letter.

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