Meet our Wonder Women

March 8, 2018 / India

Jyoti, Aarti, and Monika are proud (wonder) women driver partners with Uber. Full of inspiring stories, the three friends shared some with us this Women’s Day.

Here are the testimonials of these incredible women.

Jyoti Gupta

“I’m a fierce believer in financial independence. When support from my family was scarce, I pulled myself through it by sponsoring my own counseling. After giving my 10th boards in secret, I realized that the only way to emancipate women is through education and support. My Women’s Day message is that daughters should be trusted and given the same freedom as sons. My daughter is completing her graduation in Bombay, my son hopes to join the merchant navy, and they have both made me equally proud.”

Aarti Singh

“In the attempt to become independent, I tried everything from stitching to lifting bricks. So when I discovered driving as an option, I was thrilled as very few women enter this field. I find the stereotype that women are each other’s enemies to be untrue. When one of our cars breaks down, we always turn up for each other. My Women’s Day message is that all girls should be educated, not just academically but in liberal thinking as well. Women can do anything, no job is too tough for them.”

Monika Shokeen

As a female driver, I always receive a lot of respect. I am filled with pride when my riders place complete trust in me. On Women’s Day, I want women to know that they hold immense power to fulfill their dreams. I want to recommend driving as a career to all the women out there. Let’s fill the streets with women drivers. Indira Gandhi drove a nation forward, all the homes are driven by women, so what’s the big deal in driving a car?