Introducing My Promos

September 29, 2017 / Visakhapatnam

Every year, it amazes us to see how festivals bring people together and generate so many happy moments. With the millions of rides happening each day during these days, we understand the value of the time spent with your loved ones. This festival season – we want you to do just that. Gift your people, the gift of your time. Introducing My Promos.

What are My Promos?

My promos are promo-codes created just for you and your loved ones. These are shareable codes that you can share with your circle and  yes, you can use them too. Together, the savings multiply and so does the joy of togetherness.

What can you do with these promos?
  1. Celebrate the festival together by asking your loved ones to take an Uber to your place
  2. Host a party and include the code in your invites
  3. Relieve your family from driving duties for this month
  4. Introduce the convenience of Uber to the elderly folks around you
How much can you save with My Promos?

Together, you can save upto ₹10,000. Every user that applies an My Promo is eligible for discounts on their next 20 Uber rides on uberGO and uberX and upto ₹50/trip. The promo can be shared with a maximum of 10 people.

Confused on how to apply promocodes?

Visit our How-to Page on Promotions to clarify any confusion regarding how to use promos

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Offer valid for select users who received communication from Uber over email or SMS only in Vizag.
  2. All promo-codes need to be redeemed on or before 18/10 23:59:00 p.m
  3. Each trip is eligible for a maximum discount of INR 50
  4. This discount is applicable on uberGO and X trips only
  5. Your ‘My Promo’ can be used by a maximum of 10 users, including you.
  6. Visit our How-to Page on Promotions to clarify any confusion regarding how to use promos.
  7. Uber reserves the right to revoke any benefits if it comes to notice that they were obtained fraudulently
  8. Uber reserves the right to alter or change the terms of the promotion with or without prior notice to the consumer.