UberHIRE fares simplified

March 30, 2017 / India

Let this be said, here are 10 things you definitely don’t pay for, when using an UberHIRE.

  1. No hourly price when you can be billed for the exact minutes you travel
  2. No extra taxes
  3. No garage runs or fuel charges
  4. No dynamic pricing
  5. No driver maintenance costs
  6. No loss in translation, unnecessary calls & messages
  7. No advance booking or high wait-time (UberHIRE is on-demand.)
  8. No haggling (You can calculate your own prices. It’s simple.)
  9. No parking woes
  10. No repeat bookings when you have multiple stops (It’s 1 long Uber ride.)

Top 10 fare components of UberHIRE

  1. Base fare: ₹409
  2. Per km price (Upto 30 kms): 0
  3. Per km price (above 30 kms): ₹10 / km
  4. Time charges per minute: ₹2 / minute (starting with the 1st minute)
  5. Minimum fare: ₹649 (This is the lowest that you would have to pay no matter the distance or time)
  6. Cancellation charges: ₹100 if you cancel after 5 minutes of booking
  7. Price would be INCLUSIVE of all taxes
  8. Tolls extra
  9. Dynamic pricing is NOT APPLICABLE
  10. Available on cash only

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