Uber Carpool

February 14 / India

What is it and how do you benefit?

Every year, more and more people are moving to live in cities in search of new opportunities, but sometimes these cities struggle to keep up with the growth. More people means more traffic, meaning higher pollution rates and longer travel times.

At Uber, we want to give people their time back and give cities their space back

Carpooling isn’t a revolutionary idea – it’s a way of life for countless commuters around the globe. It’s the simple concept of a group of people using one car to travel a shared route. The benefit for them is sharing costs of things like fuel, tolls and parking, and the benefit for the city is less congestion and lower pollution levels.

But how do you tap into a community like that? Uber Carpool. We can match you up with neighbours and co-workers who travel the same routes as you every day, so you can save time, money and the environment – all at the same time.


How do I sign up?

Follow this link – it’s that simple.

If you can’t see the Uber Carpool option in your app, just upgrade your Uber app to the latest version – Android (4.307.10000)/ IOS (3.396.10000) or a higher version.

Why should I sign up?

Carpooling is about sharing driving costs. It’s a great life hack for those of us who want to cut the costs of driving, and for others it offers a straightforward way of getting from A to B. Grouping together means you can share the costs of things like fuel, tolls, parking and ownership costs. It also reduces traffic in your city and helps you to build your network.

How much does it cost?

If you’re driving then you don’t pay anything to take part – you’ll receive money as contributions from riders. Rider costs will depend on the length of each trip.

How does Uber Carpool work?

Uber Carpool helps you find a carpool group. Once you enter your route and schedule you’ll be matched up with other people in your city who have similar routes. You’ll then get a notification from Uber with the details of your carpool group.

What is cost-sharing?

Cost-sharing is the key financial benefit to carpooling. It means the cost of your ride is based on things like fuel, tolls and parking.

How long does it take to be matched with a group?

We want to make sure costs are kept low, so we’ll only match groups of people with similar routes. We’ll notify you as soon as we detect matches, but the wait depends on how many people sign up. A great way to speed up the matching process is to invite others in your network to sign up.

What role can I play?

You can be flexible depending on your own situation. Being a rider is as easy as it sounds, you simply become a passenger in your carpool group. If you have a car then you can sign up to find riders, but if you’d prefer to leave your car at home sometimes then you can also sign up as a rider.

Where is Carpool available?

Carpool is being introduced gradually. Open your Uber app to check if it’s available in your city.

When can I start carpooling?

Once you’ve signed up and given us your route details, we’ll notify you when Carpool launches and you have matches.

Why should I invite people I know?

The more people get involved, the quicker the matching process will be. Plus – the more carpools that exist, the less traffic and pollution there’ll be in our cities. Once you’re signed up there’ll be a shareable link in your Uber app to invite friends and co-workers.

Do I need a car?

If you’d like to drive then you’ll need your own car. If you do have a car then you’re free to decide for each trip whether you’d like to drive or ride.

Does it matter what kind of car I have?

As long as the car is registered, insured, road-worthy and you have the correct license, there are no rules about the kind of car you have.

How direct will routes be?

The carpool route depends on the route of the person who’s driving. This way, they maintain their usual A to B, and riders are picked up and dropped off along the way. Any large detours will be kept to a minimum.