This Children’s Day, the only classwork was to have endless fun.

November 30, 2017 / India

To celebrate Children’s Day in November, we went back to the drawing board and chalked out new and playful experiences for children and adults alike, across our cities. Here’s a quick round-up of homework done right.

Cricket. Air hockey. And a whole lot of masti.

Children from The Pink Foundation, an NGO that works for community development were in for a special treat at Shott – a sprawling entertainment centre in Ahmedabad. The only classwork for the day was to have endless fun. Not surprising, that they all got an A+.


We partnered with in Mumbai and Pune to book Uber rides in cars that ruled childhoods in the 90s – Contessa, NE118, Ambassador, Padmini. The nostalgia however, didn’t end there. We also gave our riders Tinkle comics, Kismi toffees, Phantom candy-cigarettes, slam books as a Children’s Day surprise.

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Growing up is about giving back

“‘I realised that while time moves forward, relationships come a full circle.”, says Renu Yadav, daughter of Hari Om Yadav. Watch the Uber Journeys ‘Koi naa’ film and read more about the father-daughter’s heart-warming story that went live on Children’s Day.

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Your orders delivered beaming smiles

To everyone who ordered on UberEATS on Children’s Day – thanks a bunch. On your behalf, we gave hot meals, fruit creams and personalised sweet boxes to the amazing children at Akshaya Patra, Help a Child of India and CMS Children Home.

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Serving our driver partners better

The well-being of our driver partners is a top priority at Uber. In our quest to serve them better, we’ve launched two new features – Night Support and Accident Insurance.

Night Support

18-hour call centre support from 6 am–12 midnight and emergency assist from 12 midnight–6 am.

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Accident Insurance

Insurance coverage while our driver partner using a four-wheeler is online on the Uber App.

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