Your Uber that will wait, just like your own car

March 28, 2018 / Pune

For years, we took you from point A to point B, no matter your destination. Then a few months ago, we introduced HIRE – the Uber that waits for you. Since then, thousands of riders in Pune have hired an Uber for varied reasons – think festival shopping, family get-togethers, big fat weddings or back to back business meetings.

Today, we’re introducing HIRE GO, the most affordable rental option in Uber & HIRE PREMIER, for spacious sedans & comfortable rides.

That’s right! Now you can hire hatchbacks at the tap of a button through the HIRE GO view for as low as ₹219. For when you want to hire a sedan, choose the HIRE PREMIER vehicle option with fares starting at ₹239.

How it works
  1. Open your Uber app.
  2. Enter your first destination.
  3. Slide over to the HIRE GO or HIRE PREMIER view and request.
  4. You will see your driver’s details straight away, along with the details of your car.
  5. At the end of your trip, the total fare will be calculated. You must pay in cash only.

Fare Structure

Min Fare (covers 10km & 60 minutes) ₹219 ₹239
Per km fare above 10 kms ₹8 ₹10
Per minute fare above 60 minutes ₹1.6/minute ₹1.6/minute
Cancellation charges if you cancel after 5 minutes of booking ₹90 ₹90
  • Dynamic pricing is not applicable
  • Taxes, tolls and parking charges will be charged extra as applicable
  • This does not apply to companies registered on Uber for Business (U4B) with Centralised Billing

Frequently asked questions

  • Are the city limits different for HIRE GO or HIRE PREMIER?
    The city limits remain the same as GO, PREMIER, XL and HIRE across Pune.
  • Is it a 24/7 available product?
    Yes, you can request a HIRE GO or HIRE PREMIER whenever you want.
  • What would be the minimum amount I should keep for using HIRE GO?
    The minimum fare on HIRE GO is ₹219.
  • What are the cancellation charges?
    You can cancel your car without any cost within 5 minutes of booking (just like you can, in other views like GO, PREMIER, XL or HIRE). Post that, ₹90 would be charged.
  • What are the applicable taxes?
    The fares are exclusive of taxes. 5% GST will be added to your final fare.
  • How do I pay for tolls?
    Tolls have to be paid directly and are not added to your ride fare.
  • How do I pay for parking?
    Parking charges have to be paid to your driver partner separately.
  • Can I schedule a HIRE ride?
    Unfortunately, you cannot schedule a HIRE ride at the moment.
  • What type of cars can I expect on HIRE GO?
    You can expect cars such as Maruti WagonR, Maruti Ritz, Maruti Swift, Hyundai i10.