The Etiquette Guide

January 2, 2016 / New Delhi

We launched our in-app carpooling option two weeks ago to Delhiites for a lot of reasons: It’s cheap and eco-friendly, safe and reliable, and as easy to use as tapping a button. And while it’s difficult to argue with an affordable transportation option that’s simple to use and has a positive impact on the environment, we get that some (we’re not saying you) may be hesitant at first to give it a shot—not because they don’t like the idea, but because it’s different. And it’s true, carpooling with Uber is different.

Since we completely understand that riding solo in the back seat and joining fellow Delhiites in the same car are not the same thing, we thought we’d put together a proper carpooling Etiquette Guide to help ensure you and your co-carpooler have the best experience possible.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be the life of the POOL party:

1. Please be prompt! You don’t want to make your co-rider wait, do you? (Correct answer: No.)

2. Best to keep all cell phone conversations to a minimum. That means no impassioned arguments with your significant other about dinner reservations, or drawn out conversations with your loud (but lovable) best friend.


3. Consider chatting about the weather or your favourite butter chicken restaurant, but perhaps avoid any heated political debate. (Note: Heated debates—of any kind— are typically not recommended while in confined spaces.)


4. Rides to the gym—carpool. Rides home after you’ve been working out and sweating for an hour—you may want your own car (please). Generally, it’s best to gut-check whether it’s an appropriate time to POOL.


5. By all means—enjoy a snack! But let’s be sure it has a cover or a wrapper, and is mess and aroma-free.


6. You never know who you’ll be riding with, so best practices may include popping a mint—just in case your carpool trip becomes a job interview. (Yes, it happened.)


7. Please respect the personal space of others. Refer to the figure below:


8. Please refrain from rolling down the windows on a beautiful, wintery day to “enjoy the breeze.”


9. Your mother told you that patience is a virtue. And in this case, it also saves you money. Your carpool trip may take a few minutes longer, but you’re guaranteed a cheaper fare. Keep calm and POOL on!


10. For many Delhiites, time spent sitting in the back seat of an Uber is a sacred, ‘me time’, rare moment for silence and decompression. So please don’t bug your co-rider to play 21 Questions (unless he or she has fully consented).


The truth is, we all want to spend less on transportation, we all want what’s best for the environment, and we all want a relaxing, comfortable Uber ride. So why not join the carpool party and jump on in?