Where and what to eat in Nagpur

August 26, 2017 / Nagpur

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – sometimes, literally! Here are all the places Nagpur’s foodies have been heading to. From where to find the perfect Poha to where the Saoji so good, you’ll shed tears of joy, we’ve rounded up all the favourites. Just pick a place – your Uber will get you there in no time!

1. The Breakfast Story

The Breakfast Story is the perfect place to go if you are feeling lazy on a morning and want great food and a well-compiled menu. No matter your mood at the start of your day, this is the best place to brighten your spirits

2. The B.A.W.A

The B.A.W.A welcomes you to rich food heritage of Parsi community with its mouthwatering delicacies such as Irani Chai, Chicken Farchas, Patrani Machhi, Berry Pulao and more. The restaurant decor is unique, traditional and extremely inviting. For the beginners, ‘Bawa’ is a colloquially used term to address Parsi community, and hence the name!

3. Paratha Shop

The humble, traditional paratha has always been a favorite of the masses. Paratha shop has been the one-stop restaurant in Nagpur for the best parathas for the last 13 years, offering a wide variety of more than 100 types of parathas. This pure vegetarian restaurant situated in the prime location of Sadar and is equally popular amongst students and families. 

4. Thaat Bhat

Thaat Baat is a vegetarian’s delight. The cuisine is North Indian, with a menu changing every alternate days. All the dishes are served in a classic old-fashioned way on brass plates. The dessert at Thaat Bhat is particularly delicious, so makes sure you indulge!

5. Nanking Mayfair

Nanking is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Nagpur, serving the best Asian cuisine in the city. Over three decades old, Nanking has grown a loyal customer base. The restaurant is relatively small but the classy interior coupled with its excellent service makes it a perfect place for formal meetings or social gatherings. The food served is as authentic as it gets and portions are quite generous. A standout dish to try for first timers is the Kung Pao Chicken.