Around Nagpur in 24 hours

August 20, 2017 / Nagpur

Nagpur is a city with a lot to offer the discerning traveler. But don’t lose heart just because your stay here is short. With careful planning, you can make the most of your time and still manage to get quite a bit of sightseeing done. Just decide what you’d like to do, hop into an Uber and head out!


Where to stay

If you’re an indulgent traveler, check into the Raddison Blu or Le Meridien, one of Nagpur’s most elite hotels. For budget travelers, Travotel and The Pride Hotels are equally good options. But if you’re looking for something local, then the neoclassical-style, Tuli Hotel would be your best pick. 


What to see

Nagpur has several sites that feed all kinds of traveler interests. If you’re into architecture, then stop Diskshabhoomi, India's largest hollow stupa or the magnificent Swami Narayan Temple. If you’re a history buff, head to Swami Swami Vivekanand Statue Ambazari to see the memorial built at the origin of the Nagpur river in the city. If you’re seeking picturesque views, Lake Futala with its colourful fountains is just the place for you. 


What to do

If you're into culture and performance arts, head to Chokar Dani, a Rajasthan style heritage resort, and participate in fun activities like puppet and folk dance shows. You can also visit Chitnavis Centre for viewing concerts, art exhibitions, workshops and film festivals. If you're into science and technology, the Raman Science Center is just the place for you. Founded in 1992 in honour of the great scientist and Nobel laureate, Dr C.V. Raman, the centre offers a plethora of modern science and technology exhibits.