August 10, 2015 / Mysore

Have you always wondered how far can you take an Uber?

We understand that Uber’s coverage area in Mysore has not been clear to some of our riders and where we draw the city limits. To clarify, we’ve drawn up the map below so you know how far and wide Uber operates within the city. Currently our city limits are Madagalli, Pragathi Nagar, Anandasagara Layout, Bastipura, Siddalingapura, Kamakerehundi, Rammanahalli, Nadanahalli, Lalitadripura, Utanahalli, Hosahundi, Gejjagalli, Kergalli and Dasakoppalu.

Uber partner-drivers are well informed of these city limits, so don’t hesitate to check with them during your ride. As we continue to work tirelessly to put more and more cars on the road, we will strive to get you an Uber in a few minutes everywhere within these city limits and also look to increase our coverage so we can take you further.