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Meet Anil and Abhishek

October 14, 2017 / Mumbai

When you request your Uber ride, you’re mostly looking for an affordable, reliable way to get to your destination. You’re not necessarily looking for serendipitous encounters or connections – but guess what? Your everyday ride can also unfold a memorable experience. 

Chapter 1: Unexpected friendships

 – written by our rider, Abhishek

As I finished my meeting one Friday evening, I requested for an Uber to go home. ‘Your driver Anil will be arriving in 5 minutes’ flashed on my screen. Anil arrived and our journey began.

At first, we were silent, but then we started talking. In conversation, I learnt about his family background. He has been living in Mumbai for the past 10 months with his wife and two daughters. One of his daughters has been suffering from Thalassemia. “Each day is a fight”, said Anil as he told me how he has been managing to collect funds for her operation.

We continued talking, time flew by and I reached my destination. From the minute I stepped out of my Uber, I had a strong urge to help Anil in any way that I could. I noted his details and posted a story of my Uber Journey on Facebook.


Some friends liked my post, some shared it too and some reached out determined to contribute and help Anil’s daughter. I would then give their numbers to Anil and he would personally call and thank them. At the back of my head, I always knew there were friends who believed Anil’s story and some who didn’t. To be honest, with so many posts these days, it’s both natural and hard to validate the truth. But, my inner instinct had complete faith in our unexpected friendship. After few days, I also went to Anil’s home to meet him and his daughter. Everyone in his family was so content and excited to meet me. It was such a good feeling!

I feel that our generation has everything – the basic needs and much more. However, we often forget the importance of appreciation. Anil’s story has inspired me and I now have a new mantra – grateful for the little things, big things and everything in between. You should follow this too 🙂

It’s tried and true. Sometimes a simple gesture can go a long way — whether you’re in the backseat or behind the steering wheel.  This Diwali, celebrate the little things,  unfold new friendships and share them with us.