5 fresh perspectives on monsoons in Mumbai

July 7, 2017 / Mumbai

There’s always more to monsoons in Mumbai than just watching the rain indoors while sipping hot chai. For those looking to escape the bustle of the concrete jungle, there are a number of outdoor sights to feed your adrenaline cravings. Choose your adventure, Uber your way to the trailhead, and get started.

Here are our top picks for outdoor activities in Mumbai—rated from easy to moderate—so you can enjoy them even if you’re not a regular adventure enthusiast.

1. Sirimiri, Monsoon Camping

Leave your home and work stations to enlive the spirit of new connections. Plan for Camp Sirmiri and enjoy staying in colourful tents, rafting activities, barbeque nights, live music and a lot more.

When: July 15 – July 16

Where : Moonstone Hammock Camping Ground, Pen – Maharashtra

2. Bhandardara, Waterfall ecotour

Explore the gushing view of Majestic waterfalls like Umbrella waterfall, Randha waterfall and Nanhe waterfall located in a Bhandardara, a small hill station in the heart of Western Ghats.

When: July 22

Where: Bhandardara waterfalls, outside Mumbai

3. Bekre, Adrenaline Rappelling

Gather your clan, amp up your gloomy day and hit the road to explore the beautiful Bhivpuri village. Hanker the adventure junkie within you with rappelling activities at Bekre Waterfall – just 30 minutes away from Bhivpuri village station. For the lesser experienced rappellers, spend your day by unwinding at the nearby pools.

When: July 15 and July 16

Where: Bekre waterfalls, Bhivpuri

4. Shilonda, Monsoon Trail

Enjoy some wilderness right in the city. After the first showers, there’s no better time to trek through the scenic, rugged forest paths of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali. Wildlife experts will themselves conduct this monsoon trail and educate you with fun facts about various forest species.

When: July 16

Where: Sanjay Gandhi National Park Gate

5. Midnight Monsoon Cycling

Cycling under the inky sky and exploring the city in the monsoons – can’t get any better! This curated bicycle ride is all about falling in love with Mumbai’s empty streets, windy sea-facing roads and architecture. You will be given a gear or non gear bicycle and a helmet. There will also be a vehicle trailing at the end to ensure your safety.

When: July 21

Where: Colaba

There’s no shortage of fun activities in Mumbai during the monsoons. So make some plans with the people you love best, and get out there for some serious adventure. Ready to explore?