Your car, your way in Ludhiana

August 26, 2017 / Ludhiana

One-size doesn’t fit all. We get it. Which is why, we’ve got a host of ride options for you to choose from. You could go solo in an uberGO or take an uberX. It’s entirely up to you.



Want to go solo? Or got friends along for the ride? Choose uberGO instead. It’s affordable, comfortable and convenient.  

For everyday rides to college, work and more, there’s also uberMOTO – the quickest and most affordable way to get anywhere. Just hop onto the backseat of a motorcycle, strap on a helmet, and get going. It’s as easy to book as any other Uber ride.


Whether you’re looking for a ride to a wedding, or simply want to sit back and stretch your legs, we’ve got you covered. Choose uberX when booking a ride, and go places in the comfort of a sedan.