Kolkata, let’s take the pledge against drunk driving!

May 17, 2017 / Kolkata

Remember the night out with friends, when you had one too many to drink ? No?  If you can’t recall that night – how could you imagine driving yourself home from the club? #Kolkata, it’s time we change our dangerous habit of drinking and driving – let’s take a pledge against it.

Today we’re proud to announce, uberBADD (Bars Against Drunk Driving) – a partnership with the top bars in town to fight against drunk driving. This collaboration aims to help Kolkattans make smarter decisions when drinking on a night out. An initiative encouraged by the Kolkata Police, uberBADD will raise awareness of responsible drinking and the importance of increasing access to reliable and affordable transport late at night in our city.

So next time you hop over to any of your favourite watering holes, walk up to the uberBADD kiosk and request your reliable ride home. YES! It’s that simple!


Here’s a list of the bars that have taken a pledge to be #uberBADD – Bars Against Drunk Driving:

It’s YOUR life, take THE pledge and #LeaveTheKeys