5 insider tips on how to travel smart and ride safe

December 10, 2017 / Kolkata

From the moment a rider is matched with a driver, until he or she reaches the destination, the Uber experience has been designed to always put safety first. We are committed to providing a reliable and safe platform to both our riders & drivers.

Our technology enables us to focus on the experience, before, during, and after every trip. Find a download of some of the features below:

1. Share you trip status

You can easily share your ride details, including the specific route and estimated time of arrival, with friends or family for extra peace of mind.  They’ll receive a link where they can see in real time the name and photo of the driver, their vehicle, and where you are on the map until you arrive at your destination—and they can do all of this without having to download the Uber app themselves.

2. Add/change destination while on-trip

You can change your destination or add up to 3 stops on your trip directly from the app. Just click on Add or Change in the app and add or change the drop-off. Now pick up and drop off friends anytime during your ride without any hassle. 

As a courtesy, please try to limit each stop to 3 minutes or less, otherwise the fare may change

3. Use the Emergency/SOS in-app

  • Scroll up to find the ‘EMERGENCY’ button while on a trip
  • See an option to ‘Call Police’. Once you select it, you will be shown a confirmation screen. Once you confirm, your call will be connected to the Police.
  • The 24×7 Incident Response Team at Uber is immediately notified and reaches out to you within minute

4. Physical panic button in car

In your Uber, you might find a big red button between the two front-seats. This is a panic button which has been installed so you can raise an alarm to notify the people around you in an emergency situation.

Please do remember to use the above features only when there is an emergency situation. For other kinds of assistance, you can simply access in-app support in the Help section of the main menu.

5. Get support in-app

You can now easily resolve any issues you faced on your ride directly through the support features in the application. Whether there is a fare discrepancy or you forgot an item in the car, you can easily raise a ticket from the in-app support section and we will respond to your request at the earliest.

Pro Tips

1. Set exact pick-up location 

Adjust your pick up location manually and avoid any hassles trying to explain your location in case of GPS issues.

2. Book the most suitable option

Ride on uberPOOL when you’re traveling solo or you can bring 1 friend along. UberGO or uberX can take upto 4 passengers. And in case you’re travelling in a group of 4+ passengers, make sure to book uberXL which has room for 6!

3. Match your driver with the profile

Once your driver partner arrives, make sure that his face matches the driver profile. If not, we request you to report it so we can take strict action against the driver. We also recommend not to board the vehicle in this case.

4. Access driver ratings

Once you are matched with a driver, you have access to the driver rating. Driver rating aggregates ratings by riders at the end of the trip.

5. Use the in-app support for fare discrepancy

In case you face a fare related issue, just pay the driver the fare that is shown and raise a ticket in the in-app support section. Fare discrepancies may be caused due to change in route, traffic conditions, waiting time etc. which are not in control of the driver partner. 

Raise a ticket in the app and we assure you that we will try to resolve the issue at the earliest.