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Introducing UberCLUB Partner Rewards

May 9, 2017 / Jaipur

Jaipur, our vision of safe, reliable rides – anytime, anywhere and for everyone – is made possible by hundreds of thousands of driver partners who are the bedrock of the Uber network. We’re always working to make Uber the best platform for partners to build a small business.  So today, we are excited to introduce UberCLUB – a rewards program available exclusively for Uber driver partners in India.

We listened closely to thousands of drivers across the country as they identified the rewards they would like most. The result – UberCLUB – a customized program built from the ground up by Uber.  It recognizes the tremendous service our partners provide and is designed to help drivers stay healthy, grow their business and reduce overall operating costs.

Beginning December 1st, eligible driver partners will have access to substantial rewards and discounts on products and services across categories such as lifestyle, health, automobile maintenance, education and a host of other verticals relevant to their everyday life. The program in India, an offshoot of Uber’s global Momentum Rewards Program, is designed to touch all aspects of their life, benefiting not just their business but their families too.

We greatly value our driver partners and are always looking for ways to enhance their experience on the Uber platform.  So stay tuned — as this is just the beginning of UberCLUB, and we are rolling out many more exciting and meaningful driver rewards in the days ahead.

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