All you need to know about Uber Commute

January 18, 2019 / Hyderabad

What is Uber Commute?

Uber Commute is a new product where

  • everyday commuters like yourself
  • offer rides to fellow commuters traveling in the same direction
  • in their private white plate cars
  • and the riders pay a nominal fare in return to share the cost of the trip

What are the benefits of Uber Commute?

  • You are helping reduce traffic congestion by sharing your journey in someone else’s car
  • You have travel company instead of driving all the way to work and back alone
  • You also spend only about Rs. 9/Km for the ride instead of other more expensive modes of transport

Is this product safe?

It is as safe as a regular Uber. All drivers go through a thorough background check where their civil and criminal records are verified. Only the ones who pass are allowed to drive.

Additionally, you have the standard Uber safety features like the SOS button and trip status sharing feature that are available for a regular Uber.

Why am I not able to see the Commute view?

You will be able to see Commute view only when both your pick up and drop point are in the service area. Currently, Commute is only available across Hyderabad except for the Airport

Also, Commute is only available for 12 hours in a day.

  • 6am to 10pm

I am not getting a car in spite of multiple attempts

Commute has been launched only recently. It will take 4-6 weeks to be reliable as more cars join the platform. Till then, we’re afraid you might face difficulty finding cars in the Commute view.

Can we use the multiple stop feature in Commute?

Yes, the multiple stop feature is available on Commute for you to use.

Will the commuter driver pick up and drop me at my pick up and drop points?

Yes, he/she will do that just like a regular Uber. However, it would be of great help if you could help them optimise their journey time by crossing the road or getting off and walking the last stretch to your destination. After all, they are also commuters like you wanting to get to work/home on time.

What are the rider fares for Commute?

Below are the rider fares inclusive of GST. There is no time fare.

Base fare: Rs.22.11

Per Km: Rs.11.05

Min Fare: Rs.44.22

Cancelation fee: Rs.44.22

Can I also start driving on Commute?

Yes, anybody can start driving on Commute. All you need is a 2008 or newer registered car with its documents, valid driving license and PAN Card. Download the Uber Driver app and create a Commute profile there.

You will be able to start driving once your background check is cleared, which typically takes 3-5 days after creating your profile.

To know about driving on Commute, read up about it.