Celebrating the people who drive Guwahati!

July 29, 2016 / Guwahati

Today, as we celebrate this wonderful journey of a year for Uber in Guwahati, we must thank our driver – partners who have worked tirelessly to get us where we need to be. Our driver – partners come from all walks of life.  At Uber, they are the pulse that fuels our dream to evolve the way the world moves. 

Each of them has a unique reason for choosing to drive with Uber and have their own aspirations and dreams. You may have heard some of their stories while on a ride with them, and we’d like to share a few more untold stories here.

Meet Lohit Nath

Lohit Nath_Guw

Lohit’s is a story of how perseverance helps one tide over tough times. Hailing from an impoverished family, he did housekeeping jobs as a child to make ends meet. He was hardly able to attend school but always was passionate about driving. He got to know of Uber while he was working for a hotel as a driver.

He has been driving with Uber for months now and his fortunes are beginning to change. He is elated with Uber and wants to prove to other drivers that Uber is way better than any other driving job in the city. He recently got his car loan sanctioned too.
What makes him #UberSPECIAL?
He has set a benchmark for other driver-partners. Once he drover faster than an ambulance to receive an ailing rider and drove him to the hospital.

Meet Jyotish Das

Jyotish Das_Guw

Jyotish, an MBA graduate was working in an FMCG company in Chennai. But then tragedy struck and his mom was detected with cancer. He came back to Guwahati. Alongside working on a project, he gave driving with Uber a shot. Initially it was just to try the system out and he had plans to hire a driver, but later he loved the flexibility of driving so much, that he continued. He is able to spend a lot of time with his ailing mother as well as work on his project. He is planning to get another car soon.

What makes him #UberSPECIAL?

He has gone through testing times, juggled multiple roles simultaneously but has always served his customers with a smile. He personified grit.

Meet Jayanta Lekharu

Jayanta Lekharu_Guw

Jayanta was into the business of transportation for a long time. He maintains that he had to haggle with customers before on fares. He believed one can only be aggressive if he has to thrive in this business. But all that was before he took to Uber. Now he is ecstatic that he is driving around customers who are extremely well-mannered. He vouches that the Uber system has changed him for the better and has brought out the gentleman in him.

What makes him #UberSPECIAL?

He is really passionate about providing a service par excellence and has decorated his car like his home which has been appreciated by all of his customers.

Meet Dipankar Sharma


Dipankar has been driving for 2 months on Uber now. His dad passed away when he was in school. He has worked multiple odd jobs but wasn’t able to contribute to the family expenses. He has been driving with Uber for around two months now and is really happy with the earnings. But more than the earnings, he loves driving around the city meeting new people and serving them.

What makes him #UberSPECIAL?

He loves interacting with the riders and assisting them in every way possible.

Meet Sapon Basumatary

Sapon basumutary_Guw

Sapon has been driving for a long time. He started his career in 1999 making just about Rs.1500 a month. He struggled a lot and went through lots of ups and downs in his long career. Now he believes he has finally had stability in his career. He is super excited with the flexibility and earning opportunity that Uber has brought in his life.

What makes him #UberSPECIAL?

He believes that customers are his responsibility and he takes great pride in being able to serve the community is his own way.

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