This weekend, Uber brings you closer to entertainment

April 15, 2018 / Chennai

Thank god it’s Friday! We know you’re always looking for new things to do to beat this summer heat and look for fun things to do with your friends and family. We have curated a fun list of movies you can watch this weekend. Just take an Uber, and reach there without any hassles!

Why to Uber your way to the movies this weekend?

Here’s three movies you can watch with friends and family this weekend:

Rampage (English)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is back with yet another action flick. See how the protagonist, a primatologist, shares a bong with an extraordinarily intelligent gorilla, George, who has been in his care since birth. 

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October (Hindi)

Catch this movie starring Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu, about two individuals whose lives collide after an incident, bringing out a love like no other and leading to an internal awakening.

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Peter Rabbit (English)

Get entertained with this animated comedy of Peter Rabbit and his three sisters, who were living comfortably in Mr.McGregor's vegetable garden, till Mr. McGregor's relative moves in, and hatches a plan to get rid of Peter.

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Choose your movie mood for the weekend, gather your loved ones and ride to the movies with Uber!