Your ride to Baddi & Ambala at flat ₹ 999

November 27, 2017 / Chandigarh

Introducing out of station rides from Chandigarh to Baddi & Ambala at flat ₹999. A simple tap on your Uber app will now let you book a ride from Chandigarh to Baddi/Ambala for a flat rate of just ₹999 upto 60 kms!

No promo codes, no cashbacks, no surprises. So, pack your bags and get your plans rolling, because ‘Uber hai na!’ 

Wondering how to book a ride to Baddi/Ambala? It’s quite simple

  • Open your Uber app & enter your exact destination within Ambala or Baddi
  • Select HIRE view
  • Click on ‘CONFIRM HIRE’ and pay in cash only 

UberHIRE Fare Structure

  • Cancellation charges: ₹42 if you cancel after 5 minutes of booking
  • Available on cash only. Does not include tolls.


Special fares of Rs. 999 will NOT be applicable incase of any of the below scenarios:

  • Trip distance exceeds the threshold of 60 kms OR
  • You change the destination through your or the driver app OR
  • You take a route other than the one shown in the driver app



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