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Pay flat ₹999 for rides between Ahmedabad & Baroda

March 8, 2018 / Ahmedabad

Get ready to experience some magic! A simple tap on your Uber app will now let you book a ride between Ahmedabad and Baroda for a flat rate of ₹999 for Hatchbacks and flat ₹1399 on Sedans, up to 130kms.

No promo codes, no cash backs, no surprises. So, pack your bags and get your plans rolling, because ‘Uber hai na!’

Hatch @ FLAT ₹999 


Sedan @ FLAT ₹1399

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Flat Fare ₹999 is valid on Hatch and  flat ₹1399 is valid on Sedan up to 130kms
  2. Flat Fare ₹1599 is valid on Hatch and  flat ₹1699 is valid on Sedan up to 150kms
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Wondering how to book an Uber Intercity? It’s very simple:
  1. Open your Uber app & enter your pickup location 
  2. For intercity trips to Ahmedabad, enter your destination within Ahmedabad and for intercity trips to Baroda, enter your destination within Baroda
  3. Select Hatch or Sedan
  4. Click on ‘Request’
  5. ‘Confirm’ your ride and pay in cash at the end of the trip