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The Latest on Uber and Ridesharing in Israel

May 30, 2016 / Tel Aviv

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Our Uber Team in Israel has been working hard to bring the seamless Uber experience to the streets of Israel. We’ve made it our mission to make Tel Aviv one of more than 420 cities worldwide where riders already enjoy the magic of getting a ride at the push of a button.

While we continue to work with local policy makers to bring affordable, convenient and reliable transportation options to the Start-Up Nation, we’re also going back to basics to make sure everyone knows these Uber 101s:

?What is Uber all about

Uber is a ridesharing platform currently available in more than 420 cities in 75 countries. Our leading service, uberX, allows drivers to use their private vehicle to drive riders and earn money. uberX has become an affordable, reliable and safe transportation method for millions of riders, getting them where they want to go, even in areas previously underserved by existing transportation infrastructure.

?Can anyone become an Uber driver

No! Only drivers who have successfully gone through a series of background checks (including age, criminal history, driving history and medical checks) are allowed on the Uber platform. Drivers’ cars are also restricted. The body conducting these background checks varies from place to place: in some cities, such as London and New York, the local government is in charge of conducting these tests, and we believe this would be the right model for Israel as well. In other words, the Israeli Ministry of Transportation will conduct all ridesharing drivers’ background checks, just as it conducts taxi drivers’ checks today.


?Is uberX safe

We believe that Uber is a safe, reliable way to get from A to B. Our technology makes it possible to focus on safety for riders and driver-partners before, during and after a trip. When a driver accepts a rider’s request, the rider sees his or her first name, rating, photo, and license plate number. In addition, the driver can see the rider’s first name and rating.  If there is any confusion around pick-up details, riders can contact the driver—and vice versa—through the app without sharing personal information. During the ride, riders can see the route on the map in the app. The location is clearly marked so riders know where they are on the journey—and whether they’re on the right route. Riders can also share their ETA and location with family, friends and anyone else. After every ride, riders and drivers are asked to rate each other and provide feedback. Our safety team reviews this information and investigates any issues.


?What about insurance

All Uber rides are insured by ridesharing insurance policies.


?Ok… And taxes

As all Uber rides are documented, fares can be easily tracked.


?Bottom line

We know the Israeli public would LOVE Ridesharing and uberX. We will continue to work hard and combine forces with all stakeholders to find a framework allowing ridesharing to legally hit the road in Israel.

Our technology creates a safe, reliable and affordable ride experience, while generating job opportunities for drivers – and there’s no reason the Israeli public should be left out.

We’re happy to answer any other questions you might have – reach out to us directly at

Your Uber Tel Aviv Team