5 great restaurants to try in Tel Aviv at night

September 10, 2017 / Tel Aviv

What hasn’t been said about Tel Aviv? Full of life, welcoming, colorful and vibrant. Well, it is not surprising that the city offers cuisines from all over the world. You can find a suitable culinary experience for every mood – whether you like a fancy dinner, a weekend drink, or just enjoy a happy hour after a hard day’s work – we’ve gathered a short list of places you shouldn’t miss if you are already here. Your Uber is waiting to take you there 🙂

1. Ouzeria – Mediterranean

A mediterranean restaurant located in Levinsky market, offers a variety of cocktails and Anise drinks, along with special and tasty small dishes that include combinations of fish and seafood. It’s better to share, so you can try more flavors.

Where to? Matalon 44, Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

2. Taqueria – Mexican

A lively and reach Mexican restaurant with a menu full of authentic Mexican food. The opening dishes include Tortillas and Nachos with surprising spices. Moving on, you can enjoy excellent Burrito, home-made Taco, great Chili con-carne or delicious Shrimp and fish. 

Where to? Levontin 28, Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

3. Ya-Pan – Asian 

An innovative local bistro by the chef Yuval Ben Neria (owner of the popular “Taizu” restaurant). Ya-Pan has a fresh and young atmosphere and has a cool architecture of both the restaurant and the different unique dishes. You can’t reserve a table there in advance, but the great service compensates for it and it’s recommended to seat inside.

Where to? Nahmani 26, Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

4. Hotel Montefiore – French Vietnamese 

Hotel Montefiore restaurant is located in the boutique hotel’s lobby. The restaurant offers a breakfast menu that can meet all foodies needs, as well as lunch menus and dinner, including French cuisines spiced with Vietnamese charm, based on seasonal and local ingredients. Try the fancy brunch alongside the exciting cocktails.

Where to? Monterfiore 36, Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

5. Caffe Italia – Italian

An Italian restaurant in a family atmosphere – elegant and relaxed, serving classic Italian dishes with simple but excellent flavors, that combines quality ingredients. The dishes include different pastas, salads and great desserts. You can also find a large variety of wines in different prices.

Where to? Kremenetski 6, Tel Aviv – Jaffa.