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Expanding our green offering as an SAP Concur partner

September 30 / Ireland

To support companies in their sustainable development approach, SAP Concur and its partners are increasingly committed to measuring and reducing carbon emissions. As one of their partners, we have expanded our offering of Uber Green for businesses around the globe.

Uber Green allows organisations’ employees to travel in hybrid or electric vehicles, and subsequently reduce their CO2 emissions. To encourage users to choose this option, Green trips are 3 cents per kilometre cheaper. This offering has been successful for a year now, as Green trips are now tenfold that of what they were before. In addition to our Green offering, clients have the option to use Green on Uber Reserve – which allows users to schedule rides up to 30 days in advance.

Land mobility is a major concern for sustainability

According to a study carried out by Harris Interactive for Uber for Business in early 2022, nearly half of companies are willing to engage in strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of their travel; and 36% have already done so. “In this field, land mobility is a central issue; nearly 50% of organisations make company cars available to their employees and these fleets are, on average, composed of only 11% hybrid or electric vehicles”, says Franck Monsauret, Director of Uber for Business France, in Déplacements Pros.

At Uber for Business, we help businesses with their sustainability strategy by offering a monthly CO2 emissions report. “As a general rule, organisations focus heavily on air transport, while road transport represents a larger share of CO2 emissions (see graph below). We, therefore, have a real responsibility; our aim being to achieve zero emissions worldwide in 2040 and by 2030 for Europe and North America,” emphasises Franck Monsauret.

Source: Futura

Accelerating the transition of Uber drivers to electric

Today, 40% of Uber’s fleet is hybrid or electric. Ultimately, our objective is to reach 50% electric vehicles by 2025, and to no longer have a diesel fleet by 2024. To do this, we’ve launched a fund of 75 million Euros in January 2021. The 3 cents per kilometre contribute to the driver’s pool of funds for the acquisition of a green vehicle. Once the driver has accumulated a certain amount for the purchase of a green vehicle, Uber then agrees to pay the same amount – therefore doubling the driver’s budget.

Today, Uber Green for Business is available in 14 cities in France and in 100 cities across Europe and North America.

A partnership that makes life easier for companies and employees

With the expense reporting software Concur Expense and the integration of the Uber for Business app available on the App Centre, organisations can realise their cost savings by encouraging their teams to adopt Uber as their licensed ground transportation provider. By integrating with SAP Concur solutions, a company’s employee list can be automatically updated within Uber for Business. This also means automated provisioning and self-management for a company’s administrator.

By integrating Uber for Business and Concur Expense, businesses benefit from:

  • Automated expenses: employees’ Uber trip receipts are directly transferred into SAP Concur with an available pre-filled expense. Trips are associated with the linked corporate card transaction.
  • No manual spending is required.
  • Seamless integration: employees can be added to Uber for Business with just one click.
  • Regular updates: Changes to the SAP Concur roster are automatically synced with Uber for Business.

The SAP Concur App Centre

Created in 2012, SAP Concur is the most experienced software provider in the field. The App Centre offers its clients a remarkable value-add; allowing access to around 200 partner applications, developed by third-party publishers who are experts in their field.

Access to this App Centre is included in the basic SAP Concur offer, and all customers are able to find third-party applications there for their employees or their internal departments. SAP Concur’s T&E solution, currently being deployed in over 150 countries, creates a solution at a local, regional and global level – meaning partners worldwide. For Europe in particular, the system is GDPR compliant, which relates to data protection in the European Union. After passing an internal certification, these ‘apps’ are connected to the travel and business expense management solution through easy-to-use APIs.

The advantages offered by this network of partner applications are many: some apps offer to optimise travel compliance with local legislation (expat workers, seconded workers, etc.), and others offer the automation of visa management, corporate travel risks, better compliance with the ‘Bertrand law’ for the health sector, and other topics related to ‘Travel & Expense’.

In mobility, Uber is one of the first global partners connected to the SAP Concur platform, which is available in France under our B2B offering – Uber for Business.