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Now Uber could connect you with your Uber partner!

With UberDELIVER, you get fast pickups and immediate deliveries of the things you need to send, from a reliable UberDELIVER delivery partner!

Here's how UberDELIVER works


Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations

In your Uber app, enter your pick-up and drop-off locations. In the product selection area, tap on UberDELIVER icon. The trip fare will be calculated purely on a distance basis.


Tap “Request UberDELIVER”

You will be connected to a delivery partner, who will arrive in minutes to pick up your item. Either sender or recepient has to pay the fare based on the upfront fare shown on the app.


Track delivery progress in the Uber app

Easily share your item’s location with the recipient using the “Share Status” option.


Once you’ve entered your delivery destination, a fare will be displayed directly below the vehicle option.

UberDELIVER feature applies dynamic pricing based on demand/supply in the area at certain time of the day.


  • UberDELIVER is currently only available in Surabaya.
  • Items at pickup location must be ready for handoff to delivery partner upon arrival. Delivery partners can not be asked to make a purchase on anyone's behalf and reserve the right to refuse those trips. Uber is not responsible for any risks that might happen.


  • 1. What is UberDELIVER?

    It is Uber apps feature that connects you to an uberMOTOR driver-partner in Surabaya to make a delivery on demand. By booking on the app, you can send items to a friend, important documents to a business associate or a surprise gift for your beloved.

  • 2. How is UberDELIVER different from your other products like uberMOTOR?

    UberDELIVER is a service on our platform matching demand and supply of accredited delivery partners and customers. You can use this service to send documents, items, parcels, forgotten items, and food from one place to another. uberMOTOR is similar in terms of use, but it only involves transport of passengers.

    For more details about Terms and Conditions, see here.

  • 3. Permitted Items

    Delivery partners reserve the right to refuse to pick up and deliver any item that stated as per below:

    • Oversized item(s), including (a) item(s) weighing more than 20 kg; and/or (b) item(s) exceeding 70cm x 50cm x 50cm
    • People or animals of any size
    • Alcoholic beverages;
    • Item(s) prohibited under Indonesian Law;
    • Fragile item(s);
    • Rare item(s);
    • Dangerous and hazardous item(s) (including weapons);
    • Dangerous item(s) such as explosives and/or flammable; and
    • Cash
  • 4. What if an item violates UberDELIVER's Terms and Conditions?

    If delivery partner refuses to accept an item that stated on the previous question or because the delivery partner is asked to purchase an item, a cancellation fee, Rp 5,000. will apply if the duration between request timestamp and cancellation timestamp is more than 5 minutes.

  • 5. Cancellation and Fulfillment Policy

    • UberDELIVER driver partners will call recipients three times when arriving at the drop-off location. If no one is present at your delivery location, your delivery partner will be at the delivery location for maximum 10 minutes before returning your item. Requestor [you] will be responsible for round trip fare.
    • Uber is not responsible for any risks that might happen in case senders are not available/cannot be contacted to receive the parcel when the item is returned.
  • 6. Will my packacge be safe?

    All UberDELIVER delivery partners who provide the delivery service are top qualified uberMOTOR driver partners and well-trained about how to deliver your package safely to recipient.

  • 7. How can UberDELIVER driver partner know the receiver’s information?

    You have to fill in all recipient's details on the Consignment Note that has been provided to you prior to the delivery.

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