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Always Improving Your In-app Experience

Communicate with your passengers within the app

Send and receive messages to and from your passengers, free of charge, within the Uber app!

After accepting a trip, select the option to contact your passenger. If they have chat enabled, you can easily start a conversation!

The new Uber in-app navigation is live for iOS and Android devices!

The latest Uber navigation has features that are designed to help you get to pickups and drop-offs more easily, without having to leave the app!

  • Lane Guidance

See the best lanes to drive in so you’re always prepared for the next move.

  • Turn-by-turn directions

Tap on the address bar to see turn-by-turn directions anytime.

  • Choose a navigation view

Navigate in turn-by-turn view, or tap on the map to see your entire route with traffic.

  • Try Uber Navigation

To check it out, go to the app settings. Tap on Navigation Provider, then choose Uber Navigation.

Multiple stops made easy

Starting this week, you’ll be notified when a rider adds extra stops to their trip.

This way, you and your rider won’t have to worry about updating the destination along the way.

Note: a multi-destination trip will count as one trip and your fares will be reflected for the total time and distance travelled.

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