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Driving with Uber

Wait less, earn more

We're making your time on the Uber App more efficient. Learn how to go directly from one drop-off to the next pick-up without waiting.

What is No-wait trip?

Receiving ride requests during a trip

We understand that you go online to drive, not wait. To help you limit waiting time between trips, your app may automatically send new trip requests when you near the current trip's final destination.

If you accept a new trip request while on a route with a rider, you’ll be directed back to your current trip until it is complete. After you swipe END TRIP and rate your rider, your app will then direct you to your next pick-up location.

A new way to receive requests

Why are back-to-back trips good for drivers?

Getting trips without waiting is a great feature that increase your efficiency while on the platform.

With no-wait trip requests, you can go from one trip to the other without unnecessary downtime. Just skip the wait and accept upcoming trips so that you can go straight to your next ride. This will lead to a 5-10% increase in successful rides.

How does it work?

While on a trip, you’ll get a notification to accept your next request. You will have 15 seconds to decide whether or not to accept it. After accepting, the screen will go back to the current trip.

Upon completion of the current trip, the details for the upcoming trip will be displayed immediately.

What else to know about no-wait trips?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my rider wants to stop at multiple locations, and I get a no-wait trip when my trip is not nearly done?

    Partner should always politely ask if the destination input by the rider is the final one, not a stop among many.

    If it is not, partner can update final destination or ask rider to have multi destinations in Uber rider app. This will prevent a no-wait trip to be assigned when you are not close to the final destination.

  • Will the next rider know that I am dropping someone off right now, and they may have to wait a little longer?

    No need to worry. Riders are notified in the app. Uber tells the next rider that you are the closest driver and that you are completing a trip nearby.

    The next rider will clearly see a notification on his or her app that you are on a trip, and the destination that you need to go before you can pick him or her up.

    You may contact the next rider and politely inform them of the fact and explain a slightly longer wait time.

  • Do no-wait trip requests count towards incentives?

    No-wait trips will count toward acceptance rate and incentives just like a normal trip.

    Partners are therefore advised to accept all trip notification so not to be disqualified for weekly incentives.

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