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Getting more people in fewer cars – uberPOOL comes to Jakarta

May 18, 2016 / Jakarta

Language: Eng/Ind

Did you know 6,000 new vehicles and 25.7 million trips jam up Jakarta streets every single day — most carrying just a single or two passengers. Unsurprisingly traffic speeds in the capital have dropped to under 9-12 kilometers per hour while the average daily commute now takes 4 hours.

Jakartans are spending 400 million hours a year sitting in cars, in traffic; this kind of congestion is bad for productivity in Jakarta, and the resulting pollution undermines everyone’s quality of life.

That’s why we’re excited to launch uberPOOL in Jakarta – an innovative product that enables people going to the same place at the same time to share the journey.  It’s all about getting more people into fewer cars – and by sharing the ride, it means cheaper rides for passengers and less congestion over time.

Here’s how uberPOOL works

ENG - UberX _ UberPOOL (1)

  • Choose uberPOOL in the app.
  • Enter your pickup location, destination and payment method, then request a ride.  
  • Your driver’s details will be displayed – name, photo and car details – just like they would for any other Uber ride  
  • uberPOOL will then match you with another passenger heading in the same direction:
    • That passenger will either be in the car at the start of your trip, in which case you’ll see their name in advance; or
    • Your driver will pick them up along the way, in which case Uber will notify you via the app.
    • Whether you’re first or second into the car, you need to factor that it may take longer to get to your destination.
  • The fare for uberPOOL is guaranteed       upfront, even when the trips is not matched, the passenger still pays the same amount.
  • Uber’s standard product safety features are in place before, during and after every trip, including GPS tracking, 2-way feedback and the ability to share trip details with family and friends
  • At the end of your trip, you pay as you would normally and receive an electronic receipt

First introduced in 2014, uberPOOL is becoming a true commuting option for many people. There have been over 100 million uberPOOL trips globally since its launch, cutting over 140 million kilometers driven on our roads – by riders opting to share their ride via uberPOOL. That translates to over 6,8 million liters of gas saved, and 16,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions prevented. Half of those savings come from China alone (20 million uberPOOL trips per month in China).


With the availability of uberPOOL, you can still also request an uberX trip. Below is the instruction on how to request for an uberX trip:

ENG - UberX (1)

uberPOOL will be available for journeys starting in most parts of Jakarta starting today.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.53.47 AM

uberPOOL is a model that has worked in cities around the world, bringing positive impacts

to riders, drivers and the city with cheaper rides for passengers, less time between trips for drivers and less congestion and pollution on the capital’s streets.

To celebrate the introduction of uberPOOL, we’re giving away free rides to first time users. Simply key in uberPOOLJKT to get a free ride worth Rp.75,000.  We also invite riders to share their feedback and photo of their first uberPOOL experience on our twitter and instagram: @uber_jkt, tagging @uber_jkt and using #uberPOOL by 18 June 2016 to win Rp. 200,000 Uber Credits for 10 lucky riders.

Happy uberPOOL-ing!

From the Uber Indonesia team