Welcome to 2018, Hong Kong!

January 9, 2018 / Hong Kong

Happy New Year, Hong Kong!

Other than the festive celebrations with one or two (or three or four) drinks, transportation can be just as hectic and crazy. Throughout 2017, many relied on Uber for a safe and seamless ride to and from their celebrations- and the last day was no different. We’ve gathered some data from New Year’s Eve and created these fun facts!

Unique way to countdown

There’s a fine line between ‘fashionably late’ and ‘actually late.’ When the clock struck midnight, 207 riders were in an Uber.

The party hoppers  

Wan Chai, TST, LKF- one party isn’t enough for New Year’s Eve. The biggest party hopper took 5 trips in one night.

Always better with friends

A night isn’t complete without safe ride home with friends. 723 riders used the Split Fare or Multiple Destinations features when travelling to and from their celebrations.

Early bird catches the party   

Get the party started! Hong Kong started the celebrations early at 6pm. 1,554 riders had six hours of celebration before countdown!

Going the extra mile

The festive season had us all in great mood and even greater service. 1,710 compliments were given out that night to thank Uber driver-partners!

Whether you rang in 2018 with a wild party or a quiet evening, we hope you had a great time and, more importantly, a memorable 2017!