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Family Profiles: an easy way to ride with loved ones

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Happy families are made by spending time together. If travel arrangements keep getting in the way however, we might have a solution. The Uber Family Profile, however, is a  great way to help you and your (extended) family create precious memories, taking care of the “but how to get there?” frustrations.

This handy feature on the Uber app lets you add up to 5 people to a Family Profile, who can travel using your account – convenient if you want a reliable way of getting grandma or grandpa, for example, to come over and join in the good times. Or for adult kids without a vehicle of their own to meet up with you for a fun-filled family outing.

Just head to the “Settings” section of the Uber app to set up a Family Profile. You can also set different default payment methods for different family members, remove and add members or disable the feature at any time so that you have full control over who is using and how the profile is being used.

With the travel sorted, maybe it’s time to sit down and start planning that next fun family gathering? Here are some great ideas for family activities in Accra and Kumasi that won’t break the bank and that everyone will enjoy.

Golfing with the Greats

There’s no easier family activity than an evening of mini-golf – it keeps the kids entertained, but the adults always win! Take your little ones to the Marvels mini-golf center in Accra for an afternoon of one of the greatest games known to man. It’s easy to make it a full family affair as well: Gran and Granddad can join in on the wonders of technology by using the Uber Family Profile for convenient and safe transport to the venue. You can then head over to the Marvels clubhouse afterwards for some food.

Lakeside leisure time

It’s nice to throw a huge family get-together ever once in a while, but it can be difficult to get everyone in same place, whether it’s because of travel or house size. Instead, why not throw a lakeside barbecue at Kumasi’s Lake Bosumtwi? Organize with aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces to take a family Uber ride and bring along their share of the food and the kit, then just enjoy the wonderful scenery, tasty food and good times.

Kids go go-karting

For the adventurous at heart, excitement awaits at the A1 Raceway in Accra. You can get your adrenaline fix in a high-speed go-kart race with your family or go parents versus kids in a pair of 2-seater karts. Make sure your university student kids can join in the fun with the family Uber account – they won’t be able to say no if they’re taking a ride on your account!

Dinner at the table made simple

Life can be hectic between the kids’ activities and parents’ working schedules. Trying to fit in a family dinner at a nice restaurant often proves to be a fine balancing act. Let the Uber Family Profile feature help you out. While Dad fetches Agyei from soccer practice before heading to popular Indian restaurant Moti Mahal in Kumasi, Mom can arrange an Uber ride to pick-up little Haniah from after-school club on the way from the office to join the party.

Life is short – hop on board with the Uber family profile and make it count with your loved ones.